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Financial Services Report – Fall 2015

Posted in Arbitration, CFPB, Credit Cards, Credit Reports, Enforcement Actions, Fair Lending, Investigations, Mobile Payments, Mortgage, Payday Lending, Privacy, UDAAP

The kids may be back in school, but it was the adults who got smarter. North Korea moved to its own time zone, so now it lags only a half hour behind everyone else. Think about it. Show up late for work but still be on time. Know that the bartender really doesn’t mean it when she says “last call.” Watch Gilligan’s Island reruns twice. Work for government. Maybe the Dear Leader is on to something.

Speaking of the Dear Leader, Donald Trump’s name is on everything else, so why not paste it to the Summer of 2015? Will kids have to write essays called “How I spent my Trump vacation”? Will the movie, Suddenly Last Summer get renamed Suddenly Last Trump? What about 500 Days of Trump? Trump School, and Trump Camp? and that all-time Tennessee Williams classic: Trump and Smoke.  

In the really big news, the “hitchbot” got mugged and decapitated in Philadelphia. Tears were shed. The perp has not been caught, but they’re rounding up the usual suspects. Meanwhile, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is looking for character witnesses.

Stuff happened this summer, which is what stuff does. While you were at the beach, others were busy. The Bureau issued its Summer Supervisory Highlights, but we prefer to play the B-side. There was stuff about fair lending, credit card add-on products, new reckoning for mobile payment, and stuff for virtual currency folks, as well as the usual RESPA, Volcker Rule, preemption, arbitration, and privacy stuff. We’ve got all the stuffing here.

Until next time, remember: You are what you tweet.

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